Friday, February 19, 2010

Product in Review - Expedition Australia

Evangeline showing off a little of there work.

This week we were able to use Download and Go - Expedition Australia from The Old School House. This study is designed to be a week long study for k-4th grade. It is available for $7.95 and has over 100 pages.

I found that this study had everything I needed in a very organized manner. Each day you will learn a little more about Australia, including it's geography, animals, language, and culture. Very little to no extra prep work is required. You just sit down with the kids at the computer and go through each page, every internet link and printable you will need is right there as well as a large list of books and extra materials you could pick up from the library if desired. I was unable to make it to the library and we had no lack of information in front of us to keep us learning.

Lapbook printables you can make to go along with each days activities are also included and provided the "hands on make me feel a part of it" my kids can always use to stay interested in a subject.

Some of my favorite features of this study

- Bright and colorful with plenty of activities, coloring, lapbooking, question/answers ect...
- Large selection of internet links for everything Australian already found and ready for you
- Super organized and easy to follow
- Easily adapted for a multi age group. My 3, 7, and 9 year old all found something to interest them and I was happy to have them build the lapbook together to help them with working together to accomplish a common goal.


;-) said...

Great reviews!

keithandsherry said...

They look really happy, it makes me want to learn more about australia, I love the fact that it covers a wide age group, and it sounded like you learned something too. hehe Happy Schooling..

Gdunge said...


Great review. Sounds like a good value for the money. I like how it's appropriate for several age groups.

Keep them coming!

Anna Paradox said...

Thanks for the detailed review! That's just what I need to know about this. Looks like it really saves time for homeschooling parents, and it's very reasonable, too.