Friday, February 19, 2010

Product in review - Wanna Be Series Firefighter

The oldest 3 showing off some of there copywork and coloring

Our family was able to have the opportunity this last week to try out a few products for review.

We started with a study available from The Old SchoolHouse Magazine.
The Firefighter study from the WannaBe Series. This study is downloadable for $8.95.

It is over 80 pages chalked full of information on firemen, fire safety, fire dogs (My little ones personal favorite), and much more. My children thoroughly enjoyed this study and I was surprised at how much they were able to take away from it. It has a lot of reading with some activities and extras mixed in. I was able to keep it balanced and you can easily pick and choose sections to read if you happen to have a student with a shorter attention span. We were able to finish this up in one week but it could be stretched into several weeks with smaller sessions per day. This would be a great study to schedule a trip to the fire station during and now that we have gone through it I am sure just such a trip is in our near future.

Some of my favorite features of this study

-Great copywork in both manuscript and cursive including one word copywork and longer fireman quotes. Something for all writing levels
-Very informative yet entertaining - so much information in one study ranging from fire mans gear to building codes.
-Great set of extras at the end to help extend the study if desired including party and game ideas.
-Very easy study to add supplementals to if your child becomes extra interested.

While my children gleaned a lot from this study it is probably ideal for at least 2nd grade and up. My little ones who are 2 and 3 did find some of the chapters a bit long while my oldest who are 7 and 9 were much better able to absorb the knowledge. That being said my 3 year old has been calling our dog a fire dog since we finished and loves practicing our fire escape plan. :)


chubbycheeks said...

Sounds like a lot of fun.

keithandsherry said...

you so need to go to the fire department closest to you,, hehe, and anything that gets the kids practicing there escape plan is worth its weight in gold.. sounds like it is worth including in the curriculum..

Mo said...

This ties in so well with Firesafety week including testing the fire alarms and practicing the escape route! what a great addition to the cirruculum