Friday, January 16, 2009

Sleepover Party Plans

Tonight is Evangelines first official sleepover party. She is now officially 8 years old.
This is the pair of Jammies I made her last night. I was even able to follow a pattern all by myself. I am so happy. :) She loves Little House on the Prairie so I wanted it to be a little in that style.

This is a fun paper banner I made to put up in the Kitchen. Finally used the oval cutter my MIL purchased for me from Memory Makers. It was easy and now I will probably be using it all the time. Thanks Abbie for the idea for a banner!

Now I am gonna go and bake a pumpkin pie and get my house cleaned the rest of the way. I also am trying to think up a few other small decorations so if I do anything else I may come update my post. :)