Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simple things

Here are a few things I really like to eat, drink, watch, use ect...
- This stuff is so delicious. If you like a spiced hot chocolate you should give it a try. I have been finding it at Ross for only $3.99 for a 14 oz. container. Of course they don't have it all the time. :( (Also you must use milk and not water)
- City of Ember - I just saw this movie with the family at home last week. I really enjoyed it and found it a fun sci-fi fantasy type adventure that was still family friendy and entertaining for both kids and adults.
- For the gamer geeks I know this is so awesome. You all probably already have one or at least know about them but oh well. We so will be dragging out our Nintendo games when we get this. Hear comes Zelda the original and best. hehehe
- Yay for Disneyland, we are finally taking our kids there this year. At least thats what Evangeline thinks. After all she has been waiting to go like forever. Anyway I am really excited. Isn't it like one of the nicest things to get to take your kids someplace you know they will have so much fun and make such lasting memories.

Anyway enjoy these simple silly links and maybe I will post some more sometime!

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