Saturday, August 13, 2011

Caleb starts Kindergarten

Caleb and Haven started school this week. Next week the big kids start and we will be getting used to our new routine.

The boys are using the Heart of Dakota: Little Hands To Heaven program together. Caleb is doing everything and Haven is doing most of it with him.

We are loving the curriculum. It is holding there interest and each step is short and simple yet they are learning and retaining information.
Caleb is such a perfectionist I am having to spend a bit of time helping him to just do his best and not over stress about being perfect. (Just like his sissy)
Haven is just thrilled to do most anything and has no worries about being perfect. :) Also everything he does is usually green.
We were supposed to do just the uppercase A on this project but Caleb insisted on adding a lowercase A as well.

So that was our slow start to the school year. Starting out with just the youngers was very nice and relaxing for all of us and the big kids got a few days to hang out with Grandma Ardel and Aunty Amy. Next week we add in HOD's Bigger program for Timmy and CtoC program for Evangeline.

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Mrs Random said...

I like the idea of starting the younger ones by themselves for a week before adding the older ones in. What nice, relatively, uninterupted time that gives you with them!