Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Visitor

We got a visit with our Lovely Taiah overnight. :) The girls as always made a list of things to do while she was here. (My sister jokingly called it a bucket list for kids hehehe)

Build a puzzle (check)
Playing outside with the neighbor girl Haley was not on the list but still fun. :)
Do Finger Nails (check)
Tea Party with Felicity and Molly (Check)

The girls also slept in a sheet tent and got to watch Ramona and Beezus together. Went to Wed night church and got some good play time in. :) I think my girly should be okay to wait until Taiahs next visit now. :) It was so nice to see her, we just love some girl time around here since we are usually out numbered. heheheh


Abbie said...

Looks fabulous ;)

Faerylandmom said...

What neat traditions...and how special their friendship must be. :-)