Saturday, April 30, 2011

Safari Adventure

Safari Picture Overload coming up!

We had such a great day yesterday with Sheila and a bunch of cousins. It really was a blast even in the lovely Oregon rain and I am so glad we got this opportunity while Shae and the kids were in town. It will long be talked of by my kids and I am sure the others as well. :)

Feeding the Giraffe
The kids were just amazed by the Giraffe, his neck, his tongue. Just cool!
My little man and I!
Driving out to feed the Giraffe
Another giraffe, that we did not feed.
They were pretty sure this guy is a robot because he didn't move. :)
Riding on the train, Haven insisted on a picture because his feet now touch the ground. hehehe
Our personal train ride. :)
These little guys stole our childrens' hearts.
Being gentle
The Elephant Car Wash, pretty amazing to hear the kids laughing in wonder and excitement.
This girl really knew how to put on a good show for the kids.
The best I could get when it comes to a group pic. They were way too excited.
Throwing apples to the 3 bears.
These guys are amazingly cute. Glad they were behind a fence though. :)
In the van ready to start the day


Tiff said...

YOU CAN FEED THE BEARS NOW???? What is this amazingness? Man, I miss the Safari...

LadyJ said...

They have these new animal encounters you can do.

We had never done them simply because of the cost but an amazing lady from RCF works there and gave us a tour for free.

Elle Belles Bows said...

Fun pictures! Looks like a wonderful day!