Monday, February 28, 2011

Boys are a blessing

Justin had to work this Saturday and it just happened that my nephew and niece who are far to old if you ask me were in town at my moms for the weekend. So my momma and I did a little trade off and I kept my Nephew and she took Evangeline. So it was just me and the boys Fri night and Sat morning.

Elias went with us to the Build and Grow clinic to help the boys build there pull back race cars. These are a big hit and if you have not checked out Lowes free building clinics yet I again recommend them.
Here Elias is being very patient with Caleb.
Can you believe this a teenager playing Motor Boat with his little cousins. This just makes me smile I am so glad that even with the age difference they all just Love each other.
Duck Duck Goose time. :)
And my Haven concentrating, wish I could be that focused when I do a project.

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Tiff said...

So awesome...

Big kids + little kids = Melted momma heart.