Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Joy - Day 5

Okay okay so much for picture a day. Lets just call it "at least a picture a day" :)

Working back through the day I will start you off with the finished product. Our lovely Christmas tree. The very most beautifulest we have ever had according to Timmy. :)
A little help decorating from my girl
A little help putting on lights from my littlest boy
Timmy putting together the tree stand which he figured out all on his own. :)
At the tree farm where the gentleman used this awesome machine on our tree. (But he did not break it as Haven was a bit concerned he might)
A daddy can never have a big enough audience. Now if only he could get some help. hehehe
The first tree Caleb saw of course it is the one he wanted. So we took it home in picture form instead and he was happy with that.
Oh and the nice lady gave us candy, what could be better?

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Tiff said...

That last picture is priceless...