Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August comes to a close.

We cleared about half of the wood/ metal rubbish that was left behind on our property when we moved in. We still have plenty to clean out though.

Haven my little baby boy, quickly becoming an independent little man.

We ripped out the living room carpet. I found it creepy imagining the mystery germs left behind. On top of that it had plenty of visible stains. :)

I revamped one of Justin's older Dress shirts just because I liked it and was in an odd mood. :)
Here is a beautiful pic my girly took of me in it. hehehe

I was in a pin cushion swap with the girls over at The Homeschool Lounge.

This is the one I mailed out

This is what I received in return.

 It is awesome and I have already started filling it up and using it. :)


Tiff said...

CUTE! The shirt and pincushion - not the carpet. :-)

All4HisGlory said...

Cute shirt!! And haven't i seen that pin cushion fabric before ??