Monday, August 31, 2009

Taking it easy

So we are slowly starting some homeschooling. This morning we started what I hope will stick all year and took a nice Monday morning family walk. Then it was leapfrog letter factory time. (I did say taking it easy) I am not planning on starting there book work until next week but want to get them used to the idea of school and get an idea of how it's going to work with little ones and big ones all together.

Simple goals for this week are to read with each child each day, have them start there daily journaling, make play dough, and get the house cleaned up enough that next week will flow easily.
As soon as possible I want to get the laundry room and hallway painted so I can hang up our calendar, maps, corkboard, ect....

Okay now I am off to clean and supervise while trying to find my lost camera battery charger.


Faerylandmom said...

Good luck, Beth... I still need to get a calendar for the kids, but not sure where to start. Suggestions?

LadyJ said...

I just ordered one from oriental trading. Its the same one Timmy's KIndy teacher had and it seemed to hold up well for her. And its far less expensive than most I have found.