Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Impromptu Coast Trip

The awesome old cart as my kids called it. I told them not to be so loud about it because these are the only carts they have at this Safeway on the coast. :) Of course then I proceeded to take pictures and get very odd looks sent my way. Funny what things our kids think are antiques. I loved these carts as a kid. Just back it up to the register open it up and slide the groceries out. So cool!
My handsome Man

Burying Haven. :) Thats a lot of belly to bury. Hehehe

Race to mommy
Digging in the sand with our awesome WalMart toys we grabbed at the super Walmart on the coast.
Cherry faced.
Notice the radical sweatshirts all the kids are wearing. We spur of the moment headed to the coast Sunda morning, we were dressed for the hot weather expected here on Sunday. Thus we stopped at the Goodwill on the coast and aquired these awesome jackets/ sweatshirts. We had fun though and stayed way cooler than if we had stayed home. :)

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