Friday, February 27, 2009

Tot School 5

Tot School

We had a crazy week, we tore up our carpet and refinished the wood floors underneath. I was able to get in a little tot school the days we stayed at the in laws while our floors dried.

This is a toilet paper roll butterfly. I found some empty toilet paper roll, scrapbook paper, googly eyes, and glue. Free hand cut out a piece to wrap the tube 2 wings and a head. Then the tots helped me glue them all together.

Super easy and they had alot of fun flying them all around the room.

I was working on Birthday invitations with my 5 year old and I gave the tots edger craft scissors and the extra paper scraps. They had alot of fun cutting for a long time. The edger scissors are great too because they are safe and they like the way they cut fun shapes. :)

Grandma has this fun train table and we played with it alot while we were there. Maybe someday when we get a bigger house we will have to consider getting one of our own.

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