Monday, February 9, 2009

My New to me (Vintage) machine

Last week my sewing machine died. So I have been shopping on the internet, reading reviews and such on sewing machines. Seems like most of the new machines just have a tendency to break downs since most of the parts are plastic and most sewing machine shops really don't like to fix anything that isnt rather on the spendy side.

Anyway a couple days ago I found a craigslist ad for this beautiful sewing machine. It is all metal body and parts. Sews perfectly and so quiet. Came in this also beautiful table and all we had to do was drive to Azaela to pick it up for $35.00.

I am really excited about this machine. I think its super cool looking and love the idea of being able to fold it up in a table. Here's hoping I can keep it running and find some of the extras you could get originaly to go along with it. :)

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Hope said...

Congratulations!! It looks great!