Monday, September 29, 2008

Bento lunch

So I have become a lunch packing addict. I love packing these fun lunches for my kiddoes. :) I always end up having to pack one for Caleb too or he gets so sad. Who can resist animal rice balls, or teddy bear sandwiches.

Timmy's Bento - Cinnamon sugar rice piggie, Pooh bear animal cookies, cheese crackers, carrot, cutest small apple from the farmers market, Pepperoni, cocktail corns, Vanilla yogurt, and a cheesy rice cow.
Evangeline's Bento - Same as Timmy but with tuna in her cheesy rice. :)

So anyway there they are isn't is so fun and exciting. I just ordered a couple small bento tools off EBAY so I will show them off when they get here. :)

Also we are painting the house today so I will definately get some pics and do a house painting post soon. (By we I actually mean Justin and Ryan)


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