Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summer Vacation

What do you get when you take 4 kids, 2 parents, a tent, the beach, and 6 days. Very, very dirty. At least thats what you get if you are my kids on a 5 night camping trip.

Here is a few things I learned on this trip or at least remembered.

1. Bring extra jackets for children.
2. No matter how many outfits you pack boys will need more.
3. Feeding a sea gull may cause it to decide to live at your campsite.
4. Please do not go camping if you do not wish to get up with the sun.
5. Babies think sand is delicious, toddlers do not.
6. 5 year old boys are so fascinated by peeing outside they can even accidentaly forget we are right next to a bathroom.
7. Never ever take the scenic drive anywhere. (Unless you wish to break down and die)
8. Once children can read proficiantly life gets alot more complicated.
9. Gasoline is expensive.
10. Coffee is my friend
11. Sleeping on the ground is not good for your back.
12. Sleeping on a deflating air mattress is worse.
13. Reading bedtime stories in a tent is fun.
14. Watching kids discover new things is amazing.
15. Time as a family is priceless.

Day 1 we headed down and over to Humbug. We took a long scenic route over death mountain. :) It was beautiful sunny and terrifying. We took so long we got to the campground late. Day 2 and 3 we set up camp, went to the beach, went to Gold beach, and the prehistoric gardens. Evangeline lost her first tooth eating marshmallows and the momma tooth fairy gave her $5 under her pillow. She got herself a necklace.

Day 4 we went to the wild animal park and Caleb was in love with all the animals. They are all his babies and he chases them around trying to hold them. :) Even the Turkeys. Yikes

The older two were scared of all the loose animals but liked all the ones behind fences or bars. We saw some new baby cats including a 7 week old lioness. So sweet.

Then we went back to camp and packed up. We moved up North to Bastendorf were Bob and Abbie had a cabin. We set up a quick camp and spend the evening at Bob and Abbies cabin roasting hotdogs and smores.

Day 5 we took a short early morning walk near our campsite and then we headed to the campground playground and the kids played while we waited for Bob and Abbie to finish breakfast up. We played at the playground for a long while, yay for merry go rounds and tator totters as my kids called them. :)

After that we headed into Bandon. We stopped at a small museum and looked around and by the time we were done it was time to meet Bob and Abbie at a local city park. Wow I wish our parks were like that. So much fun stuff for the kids. Another Merry Go Round, Teeter Totters, Climbing toys, Tubes, swings, slides. We played there for a long time and then we headed to face rock beach. The kids played in the sand. Evangeline built herself a sand castle and Timmy and Benny built some kind of indian caves. :)

We headed to dairy queen and had icecream with Bob and Abbie before they headed home and we headed back to camp for the night.

Day 6 we woke up and packed camp. Just a quick note Bastendorf is a great campground, more secluded spots than humbug but the humbug bathrooms win hands down.

We went out to the cozy kitchen restaurant for breakfast. Then we spend the morning thrift store shopping. We found a big goodwill, salvation army, a local thriftstore, and our usual stop Books By the Bay in North Bend.

Then we headed home.

We stopped at Umpqua lighthouse and took a short break and then we stopped in Winchester Bay at another really cute playground area. We all had some more fun play time and then walked over to a close by Thai restaraunt. It was really good and even Haven was loving his rice.

So we made it home and I think I am just about caught up with the laundry now. Although my house may take awhile longer to recover.

I am off to register my Timmy for Kindergarten this morning and it sorta seems surreal. I feel as if I am in no way ready for it to be school time yet and I'm not sure how the summer past by so quickly. Hmmm


Faerylandmom said...

Sounds like you wore yourself out. I love that feeling! does make housework rather humdrum after that...

chubbycheeks said...

Love the new background :) Now we needs some updates.