Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Baby boy is 2!

Today my Caleb turns 2 years old. Amazing isn't it.
We had a party Sunday at River Forks park. It was a ball theme since he loves Ball balls so much! The kids decorated there own cupcakes with frosting and round candies. I think the goal ended up being, get as much candy onto each cupcake as possible. Katie even decided to turn her ice cream cup into bubblegum ice cream. We had a small blow up ball pit which was fun as long as Katie and Caleb were not in it together.

After that he got to unwrap all of his presents. (Which just happened to all come to the party unwrapped) hehehe He was very sweet and said thank you to everyone. The Ding Ding from Grandpa and Grandma was a big hit. (That is a guitar by the way) The Pider Man Bike from the other Grandpa and Grandma was also awesome although he would prefer to just stand on it and be pushed rather than using his own muscle power. (That was a scooter by the way)
He got some balls that are way fun to throw at his buddy and sissy. A fun sprinkler which he hasn't been able to use yet but Timmy and Taiah were nice enough to try out for him. :) Also some gardening tools which he really would prefer not to share. (he is 2 all the time)
We got him a Pathfinder Radio Flyer Wagon. Big, Plastic, Red, and durable. It is supposed to have seat belts but we didnt get them in before the party. No big deal we can just do it later I thought. Until the crazy children as well as a few crazy adults started taking it down hills at the park. Insanity followed, with only Evangeline getting her foot run over once and my 2 boys taking a tumble. The kids had so much fun and I didn't even have a heart attack.

That evening we took a nice slow stroll as a family with our new wagon, it was very nice and peaceful.

So thats the story and I'm sticking to it.


Faerylandmom said...

Wow. Tell your kids to stop growing, wouldja?

chubbycheeks said...

That wagon was way too much fun :)