Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Garage Sale Season

So this weekend I am hosting a Yard Sale at my house. Just wanting to clean out the clutter and invited a few friends to join me. Hopefully we can get rid of loads of excess. (Who needs all that extra space filler anway?)
Shae and I also set up a booth inside of Kid Mart this week and I am working on turning my mountains of fabric and craft supplies into sellable products. :)
The more uncluttered I get our home the nicer of a place it is to be.

We also purchased a bread machine with part of our State refund. It has been really nice having fresh baked bread each day. The kids love watching through the window as the dough gets kneaded. Today I might try a sweet bread like banana nut.

Hoping for a sunny weekend and well behaved children for the sale, also hoping for alot of customers to see and ask for our items at Kid Mart. Prayers are always appreciated.

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