Monday, March 24, 2008

Take a turn for the better!

Its amazing how quickly life takes a turn for the better. Since I last posted pretty much nothing has changed other than my attitude. My oh my what a difference attitude can make.
I have been praying and trusting in God alot more, probably still not enough, but alot more. We now have a sort of weekly routine in place. Game night once a week, movie night once a week, Family devotions once a week, ect. It has made a world of difference for us. We have actually started doing some of the things we always said we wanted too. Also I have a reason, a motivation to get my house clean. Now that it has been so nice for a few weeks I am feeling happier, more in control, ready to tackle some of the clutter hidden in corners or cupboards.

Also on the upside God willing we should have CC debt paid off by Summer, and then we will be selling this house and searching for another. Prayers for that would be greatly appreciated as I am trying not to overstress about it.

This week I will be getting my Veggie bed ready and planting starts, it should be fun. :)

Life really is full of ups and downs, I am glad with prayer I am able to get through each faze of it stronger and hopefully closer to God.


Faerylandmom said...

Y' and I seem to be going through similar times. :-) I'm having my attitude adjusted as well. :-)

chubbycheeks said...

I'm glad the new plan is working out :)