Saturday, December 22, 2007

3 days until Christmas

Now officially 37 weeks. Hoping the little man waits until after Christmas so I dont end up in the hospital for the holiday. That would be a bit sad for me and my family.

Feeling pretty good, still having contractions, but not too many and not too entense.

Today me and my little ones are going to make some Christmas treats and just try and relax. I can hardly believe it is only 3 days until Christmas. Time has just been flying past. The last couple of months have been full of ups and downs and have really made me appreciate my husband and little ones more and more.

I am really hoping for a peaceful 2008. Praying for wisdom for us as a family has been my favorite thing to do as of late. So many things might be changing in the coming year. New baby, new vehicle (We hope), new house (We pray), possible job change for Justin. Who can tell but God what a new year will bring.

Right now I am thanking God for friends and praying that all of mine can trust in him and have a wonderfully blessed Christmas.

Blessings, Beth

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