Saturday, April 21, 2007

In the Rain

Okay so the rain fell on us at Farmers Market this morning.

Not the nice light kind of rain, more of a depressing downpour.

Our Bags, Chairs, Canopy, Feet, and even Shae's kids got soaked.

At the moment I am feeling very down, I hope the girls who I feel as if I have roped into doing this with me don't now hate me!

We decided to pack up a little early (Like an hour) an then when we went to check out with the market manager were informed that even if we sell out (Not gonna happen anytime soon :) we are still supposed to stay the entire time. I guess it makes since in someways but when you are soaked to the bone and cranky it isn't so fun to here.

Anyway I try and be optimistic (maybe too optimistic) but even so I am praying for sunshine or at least dry skies next week.

Happy Birthday (Or Rain Day) Shae have a good one and try and forget that I made you go to the market.

Anyway I will have to post those pics next week as we didn't really get any this time around. :)
Oh and the picture above is what I would love the weather to be like!!!!!

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