Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rescued Hoops

It seems every year the hoola hoop we purchased the previous year is thrashed. All the pretty is gone off the outside and it looks so nasty I feel like throwing it out and getting a new one. But sheesh what a waste when it still functions so we keep using it anyway. We like the ones with a bit of water inside for weight they are much smoother and the kids can go for hours with them.

 I was at Staples this week and they had some printed duct tape which is normally very spendy on clearance for a dollar. I grabbed it because it was a super duper deal. Then I needed to come up with a reason to have brought it home.

 Today I saw the hoola hoops, remembered the tape and an idea was born.

Tools I used, Hoop, Tape, and Scissors
 I was going to just roll around the whole thing but it was going to bunch too much and waste tape. So I rolled and cut each strip.
 And it works!!!!
 I had some other duct tape left from a previous project so I did both hoops. This did not take the entire roll and you may be able to get two from one roll but I did not test that theory.

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