Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Super Caleb

My Super Man Caleb is 5 years old today. 5 years since I rushed out in the middle of the night in disbelief that my water had broken and convinced I could not really be in labor yet. :) In 21 minutes I was calling Shae to tell her I was sooo sorry but I had my baby boy and she still had to wait a bit for hers. He is still a huge ball of energy and the speed he came into the world with no longer surprises me. He takes the world by storm and Loves Life with a passion.

He requested a Super Hero party and This Momma decided we would do a super hero training party. Let me tell you it was a huge hit and I think all the kids had a blast.

The cake - Orange with a lightning bolt as was requested. :)
Awaiting the arrival of guests while watching some Super Friends.
Super Grand Bee
Some students awaiting training.
Fire rescue- They all maneuvered the fiery building to rescue the teddy.
Target practice
Speed and Agility
Get the villain with the water balloons. :) Also known as soak the Daddy
Super Strength Caleb
Super Strength Katherine
Super Strength Timothy
Super Strength Joshua
Super Strength Benjamin
Super Strength Evangeline
Super Strength Emily
Super Strength Ivy

Super Strength Chris
Super Strength Jadon
Super Cape designing
Loving his Pillow Pet
The new sandbox was a big hit!!!


All4HisGlory said...

The party looks like it was a blast!! Sorry we missed it :( .... And you know, in retrospect-- 11 more days wasn't too bad to have to wait ;-)

Tiff said...

Super awesome!