Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Fair

Off to the Spring fair again today, and hoping to do a bit better sales than yesterday. Always fun though to hear both drumming and harmonicas coming from two different ends of the building. :) Or where else can you see giant birds, trees, and indians all dancing together in a long line with little children mixed in. And I must say there food is pretty darn good.
Today should be fun since I actually finished my snapping yesterday and can possibly roam a bit and enjoy the fellowship and colors around me. Also Baby Gramps plays today so what could be more fun than that. Come on down and visit us at our booth if you get a chance today or tomorrow, we are the ones with the awesome new wooden shelves Ryan was cool enough to build for us. Hehehe

(Congrats to my sis Abbie on her pregnancy, always fun fun fun to have another little one to sew for)

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Faerylandmom said...

Keep trying to comment...but blogger's hating on me again. Weird.

I love ALL your recent posts and pics and everything! I wish I could be at the spring fair with you...

And. LOVE the new header pic! Way cool.