Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas morning

Excitement filled our house Christms morning this year as always. I am always amazed at how the simplest of gifts can so excite a child.

Caleb got an umbrella which he has been taking everywhere for days. It is his new favorite thing. :)
Haven got a Mr. Tickle doll which make him laugh! A very nice sound coming from a baby.
Timmy of course drawing in a drawing book we got him. That boy would be happy if all he ever had to play with was pencil and paper. :)
Evangeline got so excited about this plastic necklace and bracelet she got in her stocking. Look at the silly face she is making.

It was a very nice Christmas morning. We opened the gifts, there was a bit more than the ones in the pics, and then Evangeline and I made French toast and Bacon. yummmm.

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