Monday, February 18, 2008

Just a little something

This is something my cousin emailed me! Its a pic that reminds her of me and my girl cousins. We all grew up very close and are more like sisters than cousins. :)

This is the text she sent along with it!

Hey everyone!

I just bought this folder for Emily with some princesses drawn on it. When I got it home and started looking at it closer It reminded me a lot about all of us.

This it what I noticed:

Jenny- Her favorite colors, when she was real little, were purple and pink. Now it is deep red.
She likes anime and this princess looks like the Japanese cartoon art. Her eyes and hair are brown.
The dress looks very much like her to me with that little jacket.

Esther- One of my favorite colors is pink. She is wearing pearl earrings, My middle name is Pearl.
I wore gloves just like those for my wedding. She has blonde hair and brown eyes.
This dress is not my favorite, but I like western style the most of all of us I think.

Liorah- Gold is definitely her color. I think she likes green too. Her hair was red for many years of her life (maybe not all natural, but nice!)
Those large blue eyes definitely remind me of her. Her hair always looked really pretty braided. That dress just fits her style.

Beth- This Princess looks the most royal, She was always very proper. She likes pink. She is the shortest (sorry Beth).
I don't ever remember you having bangs. Maybe in the late 80's? She is also wearing pearls, Her middle name is Pearl.
She has blonde hair and blue eyes. This dress looks like a queens dress, and she was always the Mommy to us all.

Abbie- One of her favorite colors, or maybe Bob's, Is blue. The golden hair is definitely her.
The princesses eyes are blue, but hers are hazel. close though. This dress is soft with clean lines and less fussy which works well for her.
I remember you didn't like fussy dresses as a kid.

Lots of love Esther