Sunday, July 22, 2007

Things to do before vacation next week!

We are leaving Tuesday the 31st for vacation in Portland!

I need or want to get a few things done before we head out so here is the lovely list!

1. Finish spreading the dirt in the front yard
2. Sew tote bags for our mops steering team
3. Call Evangelines school about next years teacher
4. Pay bills (Ugg)
5. Decorate T-shirts w/ kids for the trip
6. Organize hall closet (I hope)
7. Organize game closet (Yes we have almost a whole closet for games)
8. Really clean that darn bathroom (It keeps elluding me)
9. Pack our bags
10. Buy anything we may need for the trip - such as new tennis shoes for Timmy who grew out of his, shorts for me that fit (Low waisted most likely), something to entertain on the drive, ect...
11. bake pies for the mops bake sale on Sunday
12. Ummm sleep better (If thats possible)

Okay thats about it I guess, other then keeping the house clean which is an issue all its own.
I am attempting to come up with some type of cleaning routine that will actualy work for me. I am unorganized, and uninspired to clean most days. Easily overwhelmed and if it can't be perfect why do it at all.
Any suggestions are welcome!


Faerylandmom said...

You sound Maybe if we lived next-door to each other, we could help each other out. :-)

Andie said...

Good luck getting ready for the time we do all the work to get ready, we REALLY need a vacation! Then the work on the trip...and the work to unpack...I need another vacation!
Thanks for entering my giveaway!