Monday, May 14, 2007

And thats all folks

My top ten for the week!

1. Do some sewing and crafting for farmers market next weekend
2. Clean up my back yard so it looks pretty
3. Take the kids to the park and play
4. Read my devotional and bible more (Should be first on my list)
5. Take some pics of my kids (I finally found my lost camera)
6. Finalize the planning for my friends baby shower
7. Finish cleaning out my kids room (organizing and garage sale sorting)
8. Really, really clean the bathroom (Needs a good scrubbing)
9. Take the kids to the library
10. Sew the diapers for caleb that have been cut out for months.

Oh and on top of this I really need to keep my house clean, help Evangeline with her homework, read to the kids everyday, and so on and on and on. :)

1 comment:

chubbycheeks said...

It sounds like we both have alot to do :)